Theano vs. CΒΆ

We describe some of the patterns in Theano, and present their closest analogue in a statically typed language such as C:




function application / function call


local function data / variable

Shared Variable

global function data / variable


operations carried out in computation / function definition


data types

For example:

int d = 0;

int main(int a) {
    int b = 3;
    int c = f(b)
    d = b + c;
    return g(a, c);

Based on this code snippet, we can relate f and g to Ops, a, b and c to Variables, d to Shared Variable, g(a, c), f(b) and d = b + c (taken as meaning the action of computing f, g or + on their respective inputs) to Applies. Lastly, int could be interpreted as the Theano Type of the Variables a, b, c and d.